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"All models are wrong, but some are useful" - George Box

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Mike Ippolito

February 2022 - On The Margin - Jurrien Timmer & PlanB - The Macro Forces Driving Bitcoin.

Anthony Scaramucci

February 2022 - SALT Crypto #270 - When Will Bitcoin Hit $100k?

Robert Breedlove

January 2022 - WiM111 - Bitcoin price suppression with Plan B.

Jay Gould

January 2022 - EP39 - His concerns and risks to Bitcoin and the criticism to Stock to Flow Model.

Madelon Navigeert

December 2021 - English subtitles - S2F still valid, other models, why blocking, macro economics.

Angelo Robles

December 2021 - FamilyOffice - A deep dive into Bitcoin from an experienced investor's perspective.

Stephan Livera

November 2021 - SLP325 - Is the S2F Model still on track?

Saifedean Ammous

November 2021 - 93 - The resilience of stock-to-flow with PlanB

Will Clemente

November 2021 - PlanB and Willy Woo: Understanding the Bitcoin Market using On-Chain Data

Preston Pysh

October 2021 - BTC048 - Does the Stock to Flow Model Eventually Break?- Macro & Geopolitics

Anthony Pompliano

October 2021 - The Bitcoin Interview That YouTube Tried To Delete.

Laura Shin

October 2021 - Ep. 200 - Bitcoin Projected to Reach $135,000 in December?

Peter McCormack

August 2021 - WBD385 - S2F, Gold & the Big Reset with Planâ‚ż & Willem Middelkoop.

Benjamin Cowen

August 2021 - Into the cryptoverse - Stock-To-Flow, Lengthening Cycles, and Diminishing Returns.

Marc Friedrich

August 2021 - Deep dive with PlanB - Bitcoin Bull market is NOT over and $100k THIS year!

Preston Pysh

June 2021 - BTC028 - Bitcoin Update with Plan B & Dr. Adam Back.

Natalie Brunell

June 2021 - Coin Stories Podcast - PlanB shares his insight into BTC's volatility and his career back story.

Scott Melker

May 2021 - The Wolf Of All Streets
Bitcoin Will Hit $288,000 - PlanB Explains Why.

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"Once you have seen, you can not unsee" - PlanB

About PlanB

PlanB@100trillionUSD is a former institutional investor with 25 years of experiences in financial markets and has a legal and quantitative finance background. In March 2019 he created the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model where he uses scarcity to quantify Bitcoin value. A year later he introduced the Stock-to-Flow Cross Asset (S2FX) model, which includes gold, silver, diamond and real estate data. He is now primarily focusing on Bitcoin valuation models, on-chain analysis and investment strategies. PlanB refers to an alternative plan for quantitative easing, negative interest rates and currency debasement in general. 100trillionUSD is a reference to the Zimbabwe 100trillion dollar note during the 2008 hyperinflation.

"Better to be roughly right than precisely wrong" - PlanB


We are witnessing a global shift in the financial system from fiat to digital hard money. PlanB's investment models inspired not only investors but also artists. One of the artists is Petek. She will create a family of S2FX paintings. The first three paintings are "Genesis", "The Fourth Turning" and "Dawn of Freedom". All have unique hidden details capturing key values and narratives around Bitcoin. Another Bitcoin painting is "The Rising" which captures the 12 years "pre-retail" span of Bitcoin to-date from 2009, with the halving lines worked into it. Have a look at Petek's website .

"Bitcoin is a monetary Renaissance and it needs artists as much as investors" - Petek

PlanB Cap

We get many requests for PlanB caps and therefore started a collaboration with 21mil, a young Dutch entrepreneur specialized in headwear and merchandise. Have a look at 21mil website.